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What is the common thread between counseling, coaching and creating?

Well, it's people. I am passionate about people. My job is to come alongside you and those in your world as a catalyst to your next steps. It's time to be you, find your voice and impact your world. People are ready to see you live your unique story. ~ Liz Lawrence, MA, LPC, LPC-S


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Be You.

Counseling can help remove hindrances in relationship with God and others. How do you select a counselor?

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Find Your Voice.

Coaching helps you find your voice when counseling isn’t needed. LPC Supervision, leadership or corporate coaching are specific areas of coaching.

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Impact Your World - Liz Lawrence

Impact Your world.

Everyone has a way of creating and sharing their inner selves with the world. What’s yours? Bring it into counseling and coaching or find it along the way.

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