Creative use of media in counseling

We all use a form of media to express ourselves. Life, stress, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, and just “adulting” can smother our creative voice but it doesn’t have to.

Part of my job will be to help you identify those tools of creative media that may be helpful for you to impact your world. That might include:

  • music playlists or movie clips,
  • spreadsheets or org.charts,
  • visual art, written work, or spoken word,
  • post-it notes, office supplies,
  • maybe even performance art.

Connecting the creative to the communication piece may involve growing in emotionally healthy contemplative spirituality. Contemplative spirituality is a lost art in our current culture. The benefits to your relationship with God and others are wide-reaching.

Some examples of emotionally healthy contemplative spirituality may include:

  • developing a life rule or rhythm that allows us to live whole-heartedly;
  • practicing spiritual disciplines like silence, solitude, service, prayer, meditation;
  • learning to pray;
  • developing Biblical self-confidence;
  • and living in community with others are just a few examples.

Since we are all created by a creatively loving God we all express ourselves with loving creativity. One person’s loving creative expression just might not be the typical ways we define creativity (i.e. creative with spreadsheets or numbers or charting, etc.). Together we will either find or expand your creative voice so you can clearly and helpfully impact your world.