Sometimes I get tired of pursuing my dreams. Ever feel that way?


I can easily begin to trust or rely upon visual progress toward a dream rather than the promises of God for that dream. Sometimes I get de-motivated by the daily grind while sometimes my perspective gets blocked during the process. Why? Well I’m a human woman of faith with a spirit of strength who tends to be quite idealistic and very driven. Being human is enough but also some personality tests say I’m a “visionary entrepreneur”, “a high D” or a “a lion/otter combo”.


Knowing this lethal dream-killing combo, I’ve developed a daily rally cry that refocuses, re-frames and renews my soul to listen to the Holy Spirit. My rally reminds me who I am in Christ, who my Daddy is, and the promises he has already secured. I also benefit from messages from other dreamers, doers and followers of Christ.


This here is an inspiring read for when you feel a bit weary and begin to consider some form of giving up. This is a rally cry from one who has been there and will be there again. I pull this particular read from two messages I heard, one that is a bit older and one that was just shared. Both are still available online.


Take what you read and develop your own rally. Don’t let your dreams stay only dreams my friend.


Sometimes we are swayed to consider giving up when the daily grind begins to wear on the details of the dream. If that’s you, listen to Brian Houston,, in “When ordinary people serve”.

Pastor Brian says, “God gave Abraham a dream that reached the stars but God also gave him a place to ground the dream in the everyday beneath his feet. I believe when God gives us a dream it’s a dream that reaches for the stars; and when God gives us a promise it’s a promise with fruitfulness that can reach for the impossible. Hebrews 11 talks about those like Abraham who accomplished his dream by faith. He dwelled in tents and tent dwelling means living amongst the dust and the beetles. Sometimes you start in a tent but your faith in the promise and your service to the dream will take you to the stars.”

“Serving is acquainted to being in the dust, but the dust is the place where great things come. When God created humanity he didn’t reach for a star, he reached down to the dust. Don’t underestimate what God can do with the ordinary, everyday things of our lives.”


It’s important to have a servant heart as you develop the dream and be faithful to the promise in the everyday.


“A servant’s heart is humble which means knowing who you are and whose you are. Just like giving brings expansion and humility brings stature, in the same way he who is faithful with the least shall be faithful with much. Great things are ground out in the dust of the everyday. When God begins to expand and bring growth, you will handle it with the grounded out integrity of character. So don’t underestimate when you have a dream and a vision, the everyday is needed and we have a place to serve in the everyday.”


Sometimes our perspective gets blocked or we get tired in the process. We can’t stop short of a promise that God has provided. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.-Hebrews 10:36. Here are three reasons why people stop short from Pastor Steven Furtick,,“Don’t Stop on Six”

1) OUR PERSPECTIVE GETS BLOCKED. Joshua 6:1-5 (NIV ) We can often stop because we don’t see how far we have come or what progress has been made. Now Jericho was the first city the Israelites had to take to get into the Promised Land. Just like the hardest battle to fight for a good workout is just lacing up your shoes.

It wasn’t that Jericho was so big, you can literally march around it in an hour; it was because the walls were so high. For some of the things that are in your life, it can be that your perspective is blocked by something that seems big. As long as all you are looking at is walls, deficits, set-backs, our past, problems, bad relationships, etc., then it’s easy to have a blocked perspective.

Check out verse 2. Only God can speak in past tense about a battle you haven’t fought yet. Joshua only saw walls and locks. Ever feel like what you see in your life isn’t what is truly there? Ever felt like God has been speaking to you about healing and you feel broken? Ever had God tell you to give something away when you are struggling to make ends meet? Well this is a blocked perspective.

2) OUR PROGRESS ISN’T ALWAYS OBVIOUS. Joshua 6:6-14 “God speaks to Joshua about marching around the walls and it’s going to be awesome. They start marching on Day 1 and they are making progress. OK, now they did this “progress” for 6 days. 6. Days.

It would have been nice if the wall would have fallen incrementally. Like every day a bit would fall and that would be motivating. That way they could see their pain was worth it. But God doesn’t want us to trust in our efforts. Joshua was super smart in this instance because he told them not to talk while they marched. Sometimes the best strategy is to shut up and march. We can often speak out words that get in the way of seeing progress.”

3) THE PROCESS IS OPEN-ENDED. Joshua 6:15-16; 20 “This is a lot like working out or eating well. We do these things and later see the results of our efforts. We want to know the time we have left of doing what we are doing now. Try working out without a clock or a timer or a count-down of burpees! Wouldn’t it be nice if God put a clock on your dreams?

God wasn’t us to know he’s working when we don’t see what we are doing is doing anything. Will you still pray when no one appreciates, will you still give when you don’t see the provision flow back, will you still follow the commands when it’s just because I told you and you don’t see anything coming now. It’s often what God wants to do on the inside is more important than the walls that need to come down on the outside.

God told Joshua the number of times to circle the walls but Joshua never told the people. Take a look at verse 7; he never shared that key bit of info. Yet the people marched. Not knowing how many laps they had left, they kept going, following Joshua who was following God’s promise.

If we knew the number of laps we have left we would have the motivation to keep going. Well we don’t need a counter; we got the power to persevere. Sometimes you are on lap #6 and you don’t realize it. Life doesn’t tell us how many laps we have left. But here you are on #6 and you are thinking of watering it down or letting go or stopping it all. But don’t stop on 6!

If you walk every lap like it’s your last, one day you will be right. God will perform the miracle.

You need to persevere so that after you receive the promise, the process will prepare you and you will walk into your promise land.”

dont let dreams be dreams by rudeface on tumblr

When the daily grind gets messy, stay focused on God’s commands for real life and clean living. When perspective and little progress get annoying; stay focused and keep doing the daily things that help you be a follower of Jesus. “Doing” and “Being” are intricately related.

  • Do you have dreams or goals you’ve stopped short of reaching? Share the first few.
  • What are some walls blocking your perspective and stopping you short?
  • What is your new rally cry? Share it and let us join you!


Let’s be the people we were created to be and together make a difference! I’m with you!


Liz Lawrence, MA, LPC-S is counselor, coach and creative who is passionate about people. She is also co-founder of Renue.Me, a non-profit dedicated to providing local people with global avenues to use their gifts and skills in short-term opportunities that impact nations. Connect with her at


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