Hello Reader! This week is a fabulous opportunity for a week-long community celebration and I invite you to join in.

photo from pexel free stock photos and image created on canva by author

photo from pexel free stock photos and image created on canva by author

I offered the same invite in the previous Lenten blog post, to join in on the Christian calendar days of observance or celebration is a great way to walk with others.

In one sense this week, the week leading up to Easter Sunday, is not special as there is no mandate from Jesus to mark these days for observance. In another sense, there is a bit of increased energy of expectation as we get closer to Sunday. Either perspective, there is no obligation, just an opportunity.

The Opportunity of Love

It is during this week in world history and in the acts of Jesus, we see how very deep the love of God is for us. Wait! Now you might be agreeing with me on that statement and that’s awesome so please continue. BUT if you want to click off the screen don’t just yet, please. Even with whatever is going on in your world, this is a fact that could help. Don’t let the circumstances or the way you haven’t been able to experience God as love stand in the way of this invitation.

Feeling tomb-like or full of life or somewhere in-between? If you’ve never felt this grounded love, please ask God to show himself as he truly is and invite Jesus to reveal himself to you through this week. Get to know this God who is calling you by asking him to help you trust him. This is a relationship after all, and trust is not blind. If you are feeling full of life and empowered by this love, share it compassionately and confidently with the same grace you are shown every day.

May this week become one where you can become grounded in love, so plainly on display from the resolve of Palm Sunday to the fight-picking of Busy Tuesday, to the quietness of Wednesday to the sacrifice of Good Friday to the triumph of Easter Sunday. The opportunity of God’s love for you, for all mankind, is true and real and available.

Then as the week progresses, maybe the grounding of love will begin to pour out in your life to others as well. How could you share kindness, gentleness, belief, protection…you know, “true love” to another person?

Connect with others

Consider how you might make the most of this week even as regular daily schedules continue, the laundry turns, the clock buzzes, and maybe even the eggs wait to be dyed. The historical events recorded are “some of the darkest and brightest days in the history of the world and they are also the richest with soul-food and life-vision.”DesiringGod.org

My soul could always use good soul-food and my heart is always refreshed with life-vision. How about you? Perhaps pick a time of day the rest of this week and a friend, family member, co-worker, or two and slow down to consider what happened during this week in history. Consider reading through a Holy Week Devotional guide or a couple of the narratives from the Gospels. (Matthew 21–28; Mark 11–16; Luke 19–24; John 12–21)

Don’t do Easter alone. Grab a healthy friend, family member, a neighbor or take a deep breath and go to that nice church you’ve seen and actually say hi to people that look nice too. If you are currently single and everyone around you is a happy couple, find some healthy single friends and go to brunch then go for a hike or something else equally healthy. If Easter is a workday for you, you can still celebrate the love while you work and then watch an online service with www.life.church or another similar online service; but again invite a healthy friend to join you too.

Several churches in Austin hold special services on Thursdays with some having week-long focused times leading up to Good Friday and then Easter Sunday. Keep in mind, Easter is one of the busiest Sunday’s in church-world so come early, say hello and enjoy the often found free coffee.


Let your Creative Side Speak too

Let your experience of this week leak out in creative ways that will help your soul be refreshed, your heart encouraged and your mind inspired. Consider:

  • writing a little something,
  • building a music play list,
  • painting a new masterpiece—either on an egg or elsewhere,
  • sculpting with clay,
  • sketching on the sidewalk with chalk,
  • or coloring a new page from BlogLovin—like the one here.


However you choose to continue this week, I do pray it is a Happy Easter.

If this post or this holiday unearths some deep emotions, call me or another counselor or coach at Streams Counseling Center. We are here and believe an abundant life for you is just down the road.



Liz Lawrence, MA, LPC-S is counselor, coach and creative who is passionate about people. She directs the Streams Counseling Center in Austin, Texas and co-leads the non-profit Renue.Me whose mission is to invest in the dreams of leaders in underprivileged communities around the world. Connect with her at www.lizlawrencelpc.com  or www.renue.me


Photo credits:

  • Photo from Pexel.com free stock photography and graphic created by author on canva.com



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