Finding Your Identity, Breaking Free, Going Into the World

—by Liz Lawrence, MA, LPC, LPC-S

 What it would look like for you to live “free” and as a loved person (one known by God and others)? Consider creating a vision board of what this could visually look like to remind and encourage yourself.

Finding Your Identity:

Find Your Identity.Pain sometimes clouds who we are, sin steals clarity of our identity, so it may take time to recognize who you truly are and to find yourself

In our group time we have: considered our relational needs, applied rhythms to help us be ourselves, explored what influences or motivates us, explored our family origins, considered what the Scriptures say about us.

Continue your training by reflecting on these areas:

  • List out things you like and
  • List things you don’t like (everything from colors, food, clothes, ways to rest or recharge and keep going)
  • List out who are you, what makes you who you are, and
  • List who are you not (think about character qualities, jobs, roles, hats you wear, etc.)

Resources that might help:

  • Living from the Heart Jesus Gave you by Shepherd House—helpful for those who grew up too fast or not sure how to be an adult now
  • Changes that Heal by Dr. Cloud

 Break Free:

Break Free by retraining out of past hindrances in relationships and applying more often than not, new healthy ways of relating to ourselves and others, and to God

In our group time we have: worked on accepting our current position, learned tools to do head-to-toe check-ins on thoughts and feelings, learned how to respond to our thoughts and to others in new healthy ways.

Continue your training:

  • Apply and modify your rhythm for life to provide you with support to be you
  • Arrest any thoughts that are automatic negative thoughts, shameful or condemning thoughts
  • Renew your mind by using the emotional cup, thought log , Light ON and setting new paths
  • Refresh your relationships by using emotional responding
  • Grow up into healthy adult by applying healthy boundaries and relational needs
  • Dream and play with trusted others to live out your vision and values

Resources that might help:

  • Discovery Intimacy by Ferguson and Walker—helpful workbook with optional weekend workshop for single adults; Intimate Encounters is for married couples
  • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Scazzero
  • How to Get a Date worth keeping by Dr. Cloud, for currently single adults from students–professionals

 Go Into the World

Identity-card-byZapTheDingbat_FlickrGo into the world daily as you decide how you will choose to live now

In our group time we have: taken some risks of sharing and of helping others as we have been helped, learned more about what keeps us from being ourselves and adjusting our thoughts and behaviors to not let unhealthy influences or motivations derail us.

 Continue your training:

  • Take the head knowledge and invite God to transfer it by grace through faith into heart experiences
  • More often than not, practice the stress and anxiety management tools to limit past behaviors
  • Invite healthy others on your Sociogram into your life
  • Go out and share with others about your journey
  • Consider what “next steps” might be helpful for you now and ask for any needed support


  • Review the Next Step resources handout for a few options

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