Hello Reader. Ever wondered if counseling could be helpful for you? Or maybe you were just wondering about it for a friend?


Check out our brand new and first ever EBook, “Get The Most Out Of Counseling”!


In a brief 8 pages you can learn:

  • When to Go
  • How to Choose (a counselor)
  • When you’re Done
  • It All Adds Up (what you get for all that effort and investment)


I encourage you to download our first ever free E Book today.

Oh did I mention it’s free?


Yes, totally free. I don’t even need to get your email address. Here you go: get-the-most-out-of-counseling-by-liz-lawrence-lpc-s


However, you could absolutely “pay me back” by doing one, or even several, of the following:

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Since it’s our first ever free EBook I’m a little insecure about it all. I mean it’s my first publication outside of my Grad School Honors Thesis, the Magazines I contributed to (remember those?) and the Fortune 500 blogs I contribute to. So I’d love to hear your thoughts about what you might like to learn more about for the next free EBook.


Thanks so much for connecting with me through our website, Facebook and Instagram. I’m honored to be invited into your world through our social media avenues.






Liz Lawrence, MA, LPC-S is counselor, coach and creative who is passionate about people. She directs a counseling center in Austin, Texas and co-leads the non-profit Renue.Me whose mission is to invest in the dreams of leaders in underprivileged communities around the world. Connect with her at www.lizlawrencelpc.com  or www.renue.me


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