Dear Reader. My relationship with stress was so unhealthy. It went back and forth from helping me with some benefits to smothering me so I was on edge. It really isn’t a healthy relationship if you constantly feel on edge. Stress can do that plus so much more, can’t it!?! So go on, break up with stress. I did. (heads up: I include one special added tip below that might not cross your stress management tip list!)

We all know that stress is harmful and maybe you’ve heard there is also “good” stress too. Stress of at a low level from positive experiences can help some personality types to be motivated to action or to continue with implementing tactics to achieve set SMART goals. So you could say that a healthy relationship with stress is one with healthy benefits. Stress at a medium or high level either from positive or painful experiences is not helpful and there are no bene’s.


Stress forces our body’s natural chemicals to change and those changes impact our ability or capacity in all these areas:

  • to be present,
  • to think clearly with multiple options or creative energies,
  • to allow space for relational connections.
  • to have an appetite for healthy cravings.
  • to experience quality sleep.
  • to live without muscle tension

Yes stress is natural and unavoidable but you can take action to not let it run your life.

How to break up with stress without losing the healthy and positive benefits!

Implement those things you’ve heard from others that are really helpful and do them regularly. Here are my basics plus feel free to check my blog history for several additional articles on the items above.

  • Pray or meditate for 10-30 minutes each day or most days
  • Eat healthy for your body
  • Drink plenty of water for your body type and weight
  • Exercise daily for 20-45 minutes at a level healthy for your body (and get medical or personal training input)
  • Implement spiritual disciplines or practices that connect you to God
  • Plan and allow for healthy social times
  • Plan your time management around your “best time” of day to capture your creative and productive zone while energy is at it’s peak
  • Create timelines for projects so you can apply these peak times over the course of weeks and months
  • Include others in your projects to allow for brainstorming, support, and celebration
  • That leads me to one of the easiest for most people: celebrate often in healthy ways and make sure it includes some belly laughter
  • Lastly, avoid stimulants more often than not (caffeine, sugar, chocolate)
  • SPECIAL ADDED TIP: Consider having your neurotransmitters tested to confirm your brain is handling stress in healthy ways–and remember your brain and your gut must both be healthy to help you live your healthiest life! I work with Neurogistics dot com for their basic and detailed panels on neurotransmitter testing and am both a patient and a practitioner.


Breaking Up with Stress doesn’t have to be dramatic, but when you do your life will show dramatic improvement. I’m looking forward to hearing how your sleep, appetite, relationships, productivity, skin health, and ability to laugh at an instance all improve!

What most helped you from this blog? OR what will you put into practice today?

Connect with me at share your break-up with stress story.




Liz Lawrence, MA, LPC-S is counselor, coach and creative who is passionate about people. She is based in Austin, Texas and with husband David Lawrence co-leads the non-profit Renue.Me whose mission is to invest in the dreams of leaders in underprivileged communities around the world. Connect with her at or


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