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LPC Supervision services with Liz Lawrence, MA, LPC-S

I am excited and honored to be working in this field. I work as the Director of Streams Counseling Center in southwest Austin and I have a passion for mentoring and training. I am looking for others who are also excited to be in this field and ready for their LPC Intern hours.  While working as a LPC Intern under the supervision of a board approved supervisor, the LPC Intern is utilizing the license of the supervisor to practice counseling so I have compiled this document for your review.

I invite you to set up an initial meeting at no charge.

Contact my office at 512-891-1651 or use my Google Voice: 512-815-3121.

What I look for in a supervisee:

  • Personal integrity including honesty, responsibility, respectful of self and others, and dedication to both personal and professional growth.
  • Professional in appearance and communication with a strong commitment to ethical standards and the welfare of the client.
  • Proof of professional insurance.
  • Active participant who is motivated and organized: take ownership of your intern experience, complete accurate documentation of logged client contact hours and supervisory hours.
  • Ongoing learner and student: comfortable asking questions, working collaboratively for answers, able to reflect own processes, and a sense of humor.
  • Guide and Facilitator: helping me understand your own learning needs
  • Someone who understands the supervisor-supervisee relationship can be cancelled for any reason by either party at any time if it is not working out


What I can offer:

  • I am dedicated to providing my interns with down to earth supervision in a comfortable faith-based environment. I can help you to discover who you are as a therapist. In addition my responsibilities include working with you as a capacity builder, a challenger, a guide/role model, supporter, mediator/facilitator and a learner myself to continue to improve as a supervisor.
  • Three distinct areas of my supervision include faith-based integration interventions, marketing and business promotion.
  • I can offer training in integrating theology, psychology and spirituality (specifically Christianity but also learning cultural competency with a client’s current spirituality). I provide a Christian Psychology counseling structure that includes spiritual practices, creative uses of media, physical health, intellectual growth, brain-healthy practices and relational strength in all seasons of life. I use tools from the following theories: Cognitive/Behavioral, Systemic, and Object Relations; with techniques from the Accelerated Relational Care Process of Intimacy Therapy; Play, Sand Tray and Art Therapies. (for more info visit or set a time to visit)
  • Supervision methods including self reflection using forms, informal and written case presentations, direct observation, taped observation, transcript reviews and application of tools or forms. Whatever methods are used, it is the quality of the supervision relationship and the degree of investment in the process by both parties that determines the process effectiveness.
  • There is no fee for the initial meeting with me. Because this relationship is so important we will look closely at our styles to make sure this is a fit for your supervision experience.
  • Working with you as your supervisor is fun for me. I hope to help you find your own path and style that maintains an ethically sound practice while incorporating your core beliefs and personality.
  • Possible session space available at Streams Counseling Center, where I work as the Director. Please call to confirm current availability.

Your Supervision Fee Includes the Following

  • Individual weekly sessions.
  • Group supervision.
  • Feedback and guidance on counseling techniques, diagnosis, assessments, ethics, application of theories
  • Review of your case notes to improve documentation and monitor ethical compliance
  • Guidance on ethical decision making, counseling theories and techniques.
  • Consultation between supervision sessions when needed for help managing emergency or crisis situations.
  • Supervision Fee*: $330/month (includes 2 individual sessions at $90 and 2 group sessions at $75). *call to confirm

State of Texas LPC Intern Process

  1. Masters Degree or PhD in Counseling or Psychology from an accredited university and completion of all classes and practicum as required by the LPC Board. For more detailed information go to the LPC Board’s website at
  2. Successful completion of the National Counselor Exam (NCE)
  3. Interview potential supervisors. Complete a supervision contract form both parties must sign.
  4. Apply for LPC Licensure (also known as the temporary license). All LPC Intern documents are to be sent to the Texas State Board of Examiners. Your application process may take up to six weeks to be processed. Dropping it off in person could speed it up, but not necessarily.
  5. An Intern must obtain 3000 total clock hours while under supervision, 1500 hours must be direct client contact during a minimum of 18 months.
  6. Stay current on the LPC Intern license renewal or extension deadlines as these can change.
  7. Maintain accurate records of logged hours, supervised hours, and supervision notes.
  8. Refer to the Texas Administrative Code,

For further questions or to set up an initial meeting at no charge, contact my office at 512-891-1651 or use my Google Voice: 512-815-3121.

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