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Thank you for contacting me. Reaching out to a professional for assistance can be a big step so I’m excited to visit with you more about your goals and needs. Please take a look at this document for a brief introduction and then call or email me with your specific questions.


I look forward to visiting with you.  


My overview of counseling and coaching

I provide clinical Christian counseling or coaching within my counseling services because I am passionate about people. I am not a certified coach so the coaching I provide is within my counseling license services, but I can provide you a referral to a certified coach. I see the nature of counseling and coaching for the purpose of healing for the whole person within a season of time and also part of a community supporting your healing. Sometimes clients come requesting a need for skill building, clarifying life or ministry vision, handling current mental illness, physical illness, pain, sadness, aloneness, or an accumulation of such. My job is to bring about an objective professional support to strengthen your individual health and your relationship with God and others. Often my clients include followers of Christ of all ages individually and in groups. Some are in a time of transition and benefit from support towards a vision. Some are living with a chronic or an acute issue or illness and benefit from clinical Christian counseling.


I work collaboratively with individuals, couples, and groups seeking a spiritual component in counseling and coaching. Within individual sessions I regularly work with women from 14-100 years of age in various life stages, many in the corporate world and many “creatives” (artists of different mediums) who include their art in therapy as well. Within sessions for family members, couples, or close friends’ I also provide 2-4 Mini-Intensive sessions that include a structured approach for releasing fear, healing hurts, and re-learning trust-filled communication within the relationship. These Mini-Intensives can be for close friends, roommates, couples or family members and last 2-4 hours at a time, depending on whether we schedule 2 or 4 total sessions (more info is available on structure and content). Group counseling can be within stress management intervention after a critical incident or training sessions within multiple topics.


My focus areas are tying together the spiritual, relational and neuropsychological.

I focus on topics including anger, anxiety/panic, brain healthy practices, bi-polar disorder, cross-cultural recovery, Crisis Counseling, depression, dissociative disorder, disordered eating and Body Image, emotional and sexual abuse, God-image/ Identity in Christ, grief, unresolved pain or loss, leadership skill building, and vision drift related to ministry or professional careers. I utilize theology, psychology and spirituality and will typically work with a treatment team that includes medical professionals as needed.


In the counseling world, what I practice is called Christian Psychology and I am also a licensed professional counselor supervisor for counseling interns. I believe all true healing comes through Christ and will hope to resolve hindrances in your relationship with God and with others. At your discretion we can include direct Biblical applications such as spiritual disciplines or practices. I use tools from several psychological theories: Cognitive/Behavioral, Systemic, and Object Relations theories with techniques from the Accelerated Relational Care Process of Intimacy Therapy; Play, Sand Tray and Art Therapies. Additionally, my dog Bauer, is available by request for sessions that include emotionally assistive canine therapy. (Bauer is in the process of completing his formal training.)


Your Commitment:

My hope is we will work together only as needed and then you will continue on with your support system. In counseling you have the right to refuse or negotiate modification of any suggestions. Your commitment continues outside of sessions as home-work might facilitate your progress. If you choose to end before we reach your goals please schedule one transition session.


Our Contact:

Our relationship is strictly professionally therapeutic and does not include after-hours crisis counseling. If we encounter each other outside of sessions, I will wait for you to begin a conversation and will not introduce you if someone else is with me unless you introduce yourself. Please do not ask me to relate to you in any other way than the professional relationship. Please do not follow or friend me personally on any social media networks. Our contact will be limited to counseling or coaching sessions we arrange or you may contact me with questions via email or phone (512-815-3121), or in the case of a psychiatric emergency call 911 or the MHMR Help Line (512-472-4357) for after-hours crisis care.


Appointments and Fees:

Sessions are held for anywhere from an agreed upon 45 minutes for Emotionally Assisted Canine therapy with Bauer the dog, for counseling sessions of 60 minutes or 90 minutes, and up to 4 hours for Mini-Intensives without canine assistance. My office is not allergen free as Bauer does come to my office, but we do have additional offices that are dog allergen free.


In the event that you will not be able to keep an appointment, please notify me 24 hours in advance at 512/815-3121. Scheduled appointments missed without notification are subject to be charged half of the session fee.


Your payment for these services is expected with each appointment.

Session fees are $140. Payment is accepted in person via cash or check or via online. A sliding scale may be applied when available. (ask for our current Sliding Fee Scale and our Service Journal for more information)     



I hope this information has been helpful. Please email or call me with your next questions.


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