Dear Reader, you already are uniquely bold! A few of you immediately said, “why yes I am, thanks Liz!”, a few more said something like, “what is uniquely bold?”, and a few more might have given me a crinkled up nose and said, “Girl, you do NOT know me.”


I think I do a little at least. That’s why I’m writing this hoping it will reach you.


This whole message is several years in the making and it’s been affirmed by hearing similar things from many others! You see, I’ve carried around potent disappointment from some very hurtful experiences that have derailed me ever so slightly but just enough to steal the boldness I was created to share. I’ve also carried doubt, and a mean internal critic for too long that led me into deception; deceptive lies that are not true about me, but I’ve listened and lived through those lies. In the deception I chose to be complacent, overwhelmed, over-stressed, and comforted by innocent distractions. Over the last year this boldness has been roaring within me and through many people speaking into my life the boldness has been able to overpower the doubt, God has healed the hurt, the truth of my identity has reframed the lies, and empowering grace has led me out of deception and into faith-filled hope. I used to talk so often with so much longing about being courageous, out-spoken, more creative with my art, and wishing to speak about the hope I knew to be true but couldn’t quite feel in my soul. I was longing to be bold. As I talked with friends they echoed many of these similar thoughts and cries of their souls. We talked often of longing for boldness.


We talk about needing bold people to step up in this generation but how do we become bold when energy to do anything more is rare?

Or when disappointment, doubt, and discouragement weigh down our souls?

Or when we don’t think of ourselves in the traditional definition of “bold”?


Don’t let doubt, disappointment, discouragement, and distraction steal your voice any longer!


This isn’t a self-help or do-it-all message, this is a whole person study that not only fits in your day but fits the cry of your soul and the need of our generation.

With authentically practical, simply instant, and tactical applications you can find the energy, power, and pathway to be bold in your unique way.


Your world needs you to be the uniquely bold one you were created to be! I’m inviting you to join me in this journey as we unleash the Bold Ones within us. 

Let’s imagine together as I lay out the power and pathway provided through The Bold Ones training. We are going to look at how to overcome the self defeating weapons and the societal or community defeating weapons that afflict all of us in varying ways. Weapons like doubt, disappointment, discouragement, self-pity, and straight-up-deceiving thoughts. We are going to start by figuring out the figureoutable plan to Set Yourself Up to Thrive Boldly. Then we will move into Forgetting Balance, and Forming Rhythms Instead. Curious yet?

To develop the boldness we uniquely each have means overcoming these weapons, holistically caring for ourselves, and making changes in the Hidden Things so we can Re-calibrate our hearts and Re-connect in deep relationships.

Boldness comes from

  • being free from doubt, disappointment, anxiety, depression, and self doubt
  • experiencing strong connection in emotionally spiritually healthy, faith-filled, spirit-empowered community
  • becoming mature in our uniquenesses, and
  • faith in God and walking in the empowering grace of the Holy Spirit.

Not there yet on that last one? That’s part of this journey—we will search together for the integrity of God. We will see him for who he says he is, develop a relationship built on trust, respect, and safety, and see what an everyday faith with God looks like from many examples of bold ones.

Reader, there are so, so, so many detours and destiny thieves out there. Ha! There’s so many destiny thieves within my own thoughts and heart too. I need help out of these –

  • I need faith that goes beyond my own belief in myself because it lacks so often.
  • I need power that’s bigger than me because I’m petite y’all.
  • I need a relationship that’s never going to let me down, and hope that’s always secure.
  • I need to stop being small, quiet, contained, distracted, complacent, and frustrated.

I’m ready to develop this depth of soul, spirit, and realness that allows my unique boldness to be my everyday. I’m ready to be a Bold One. I hope you are getting there now too.

I invite you to check back in next week and join me too.

  • Expect worksheets, playlists, downloadable graphics, and practical applications.
  • If you have a tender heart like mine expect to have the tissues ready as we open up those containers of doubt, disappointment, discouragement, and deprecating thoughts then renew them all with life, hope, faith, and courage.
  • In the Fall expect to see an online FB community show up too—links will be in this blog when that’s unveiled.

It’s time for you to be the uniquely bold one you were destined to be!


Reflection question pause: What would your world look like if you woke up tomorrow and were able to live as the person you know you want to be?

Next Steps:

  • How do you define “bold”?
  • Download the worksheet!
  • Share this blog with someone else


We were never designed to go through life alone, but life and adulting can make it feel like that! Plus we often get hurt in relationships so we avoid relationship with one another and with God in favor of distractions. Get back to the important things of building healthy relationships with God and one another. Together we can create healthy communities because healing happens and hope grows in relationship with God and one another!






Liz Lawrence, MA, LPC-S is counselor, coach and creative who is passionate about people. She co-directs a counseling center in Austin, Texas and with husband David Lawrence co-leads the non-profit Renue.Me whose mission is to invest in the dreams of leaders in underprivileged communities around the world. Connect with her at  or


Currently IN NETWORK with Blue Cross, Aetna, United, and Humana. Also accepting all other OUT OF NETWORK providers.


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