Liz Lawrence, MA, LPC-S, enjoys speaking with small and large groups on the overall theme of whole person care. Her multi-faceted experience within environmental design and Christian psychology in both corporate and ministry arenas gives her a strong platform for various audiences. Liz has a unique way to connect with people in various life stages and cultural backgrounds.

Connect with Liz to discuss your speaking needs and together we will determine the best way to bring healing, to strengthen, equip and inspire your audience.


Keynote and Conference Speaking topics:

  • Anxiety and stress in life stages
  • Anxiety and change in congregational communities
  • Applying the Psalms of Ascent to life stage changes
  • Basic care giving and counseling tools for group and lay leaders
  • Contemplative Christian spirituality practices
  • Cross cultural work: going over and coming back
  • Cultural Competent Christian Counseling with creative media uses
  • Depression and it’s various origins
  • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality
  • Healthy Whole disciples: living a rhythm of life for a whole life
  • Life, love, and relationships: applying Biblical principles for life-changing results
  • Mental illness experienced by followers of Christ
  • People worth dating: being one and finding one
  • Recovery from disordered eating and body image thinking patterns

Coming Alongside Training Program

What is the Coming Alongside Training?

The course addresses 5 main goals for participants and provides practical life tools for caring for others in grief, loss, crisis or transition.

Who Is This Training For?

  • Churches: This training is for Pastors, Church Leaders, Staff Leaders, Lay Leaders and Volunteers.
  • Faith Based Non-Profits: This Training is for Senior Executive Teams, Directors, Staff Leaders and Volunteers.

What Does This Training Cover?

The training covers 1) Engaging God & others, 2) Developing Responding Skills, 3) Managing your pace of helping, 4) Integrating Resources, and 5) Understanding Specific care needs. It will equip and encourage church staff leaders, lay leaders and groups for informational, intermediate and intense care needs within a group of people (including a small group, congregation, family or unit). The Coming Alongside Training is designed to equip and encourage the care-giver in practical situations by first living as a disciple of Jesus Christ who then trains others in the practice of hope.

This is an experiential biblical methods training and so will focus on the person who is counseling, the process, and the skills necessary to effect change. Training includes classroom learning, discussion and ongoing applications in the form of homework and experiments. Extension coaching is included for long-term sustainable integration.

This training will not certify or license individuals or groups to serve as a counselor, lay counselor, or coach but it is a certificate course of completion to be applied within your congregation or organization.

How to select which training works best for your leadership team: A-La Carte or Level Category

We have created 3 levels that include each portion for various needs. Take a look at the levels and determine if one of these pre-designed levels will meet your needs. Or review the portions and determine if your needs would be better met by individual portions.