Keep Your Cool When Things Heat Up!

Such Encouraging words for everyone in a relationship…or who wants to be in a healthy relationship. But is encouragement enough? To truly fill someone with courage so they will be in couraged, it takes being equipped with truth that is truly true, truly relevant, and stands the test of time. So this summer join me for our relationship summer series that will equip you with tools, exercises, and more free worksheets to pass it along and work it in.

We will cover things like –

  • In the heat of conflict – Responding vs reacting in conversations — using talking points
  • In the heat of the moment – Closer vs deeper — avoiding unhealthy physical expressions
  • In the heat of doubt – Doubt vs Reckoning — setting yourself up to stay focused/ strengthening faith and identity

And more!

So follow me on Instagram @lizrlawrence (Liz Lawrence, MA, LPC-S) and on Facebook Liz Lawrence, MA, LPC-S to get all the goods.

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