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We all search for a way to grow, love and go. What if there were clear road signs to help point us to deeper commitments, deeper love of God and others, and clearer next steps?

Join us for 7 ½ at 730 am for a weekly devotional every Wednesday morning at 730am. We will stream live on FB  @Liz Lawrence, MA, LPC, LPC-S . I was inspired by Pastor Steven Furtick who is also doing a 7 week devotional but at 7am on the Last Words of Jesus.

Each week will tie into 2 main texts that you can join along with us as we read together: Show Me The Way by Henri Nouwen and The Lord and His Prayer by N.T. Wright. Starting next Wednesday we will look at a line each week in the prayer that Jesus taught, the so-called “Lord’s Prayer”.

We live in a world all too full of injustice, division, hunger, malice and hate. This prayer cries out for justice, mercy, grace, bread, forgiveness and deliverance. This prayer then helps us learn more about the heart of Jesus and hopefully we will discover something a bit more of what he was about and who he is. Along the way we may learn to hear from him and gain clarity with perspective on our current position as well as confidence in the next steps.

As we journey together through these 6 lines of the Lord’s Prayer, we will jump back and forth into the little Lenten book by Nouwen. Occasionally I might toss in some thoughts from the devotionals Emotionally Healthy Spirituality: Day by Day by Peter Scazzero and Renovation of the Heart in Daily Practice—experiments in spiritual transformation by Dallas Willard and Jan Johnson. While we will only connect weekly over FB for these 7 Wednesday mornings, you can move along each day reading through one of these.

May this be your invitation to dare once more to take the Easter path of following Christ and seeking to know him more.

Speaking of dares, I dare you…no I double dog dare you, to set aside 10 minutes after our 7.5 devotional to actively listen to God who longs to have you hear his voice. It’s true that you are loved, seen, valued, and we live in a noisy world that often drowns out all those true things about you. Our emotions often get turned off and on too quickly for us to recognize. Our minds are often filled with words, images, and lyrics that can drown out the still confident voice. Our relationships often take the brunt of all this and we never mean to hurt others but with all this noise around and within, it happens anyways. So take 10 minutes each week after our 7.5 to be quiet and listen to God.

Second dare…invite someone else or a few someone else’s to read along with you. Having others with us on the journey is often enjoyable but it can also be threatening. If you have some healthy someone’s in your life, gather together in person, over FaceTime or conference in so you can share as you read. Sure it’s threatening to let someone else into your thoughts and invite them along on your very personal and private journey. Share what you feel safe and comfortable sharing. Looking for some someone’s to journey through life together with? Visit your nearest local church and check out a group meeting during the week in someone’s home. Or if you aren’t quite ready for that, visit one of these churches online groups: elevationchurch.org, life.church.

Wherever you are in your life today, listen to the voice of Jesus. This listening must be intentional, active and attentive. We must take time to listen. As you might have heard, “listen with your face, eyes and ears.”

So starting next Wednesday March 1, lets do 7 ½  minutes of a devotional at 730am every Wednesday morning for the next 7 weeks. I might still be in my post workout ball cap, but I will be there and look forward to seeing you too. 




Liz Lawrence, MA, LPC-S is counselor, coach and creative who is passionate about people. She directs a counseling center in Austin, Texas and with husband David Lawrence co-leads the non-profit Renue.Me whose mission is to invest in the dreams of leaders in underprivileged communities around the world. Connect with her at www.lizlawrencelpc.com  or www.renue.me


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Quick links to get your book to read each day or read for free with Amazon App, or borrow from a friend:






Wednesday Schedule (March 1st is not on FB live, all others will be):

March 1 – Ash Wednesday, Intro over blog

March 8 – Our Father In Heaven

March 15 – Kingdom Come

March 22 – Give Us

March 29 – Forgive Us

April 5 – Deliver Us

April 12 – Power & Glory

(Easter April 16th)

April 19 – The Beginning: Awareness of Hope & Beyond

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